Monday, December 14

Live Acoustic

You may have heard I'm going on tour in February with the illustrious Chris Sand AKA Sandman. Chris and I are in the middle of booking shows and planning the details of several months of travel and music. In fact, we will probably play your town or city!

I'm trying to put an album together, so far I've only recorded one song, called Heartbreak Blues. But this weekend I'm in New York City visiting my friend Hanon who works for the Nielsen corperation (the ones who do television ratings etc.) - they also own several magazines, including Billboard magazine. As a result, Hanon and his coworkers shoot and edit videos for some of the musicians they promote in their magazine and on their website. So on Saturday afternoon, with not a soul in the office, Hanon set up three cameras (including one gigantic "glide cam" that he strapped to his chest) and we spend three hours recording my first music video. And then he spent another three hours editing it. Here it is, enjoy. And when you're done, have a look at some more of Hanon's editing work.