Sunday, March 21

Big Easy

We've been in New Orleans for 4 days; played 2 good shows that were very well attended.  I just dropped Chris of at the airport, he's flying back to North Dakota to do a three day trucking run.  Tonight I'm gonna hole up and write songs...

Monday, March 15


2 shows in Nashville; waiting to hear back from Birmingham.  Then on to play a show hosted by my friend Ken in New Orleans.  I'm enjoying the south.  Last night we had the first Nashville show at the home of Chris's friend and former bandmate Camo Davi.  I opted to sit that show out so Chris and Camo could rock it old school style - Camo's a veteran beat boxer who I have much to learn from.

Here's the second video Hanon shot and cut for Chris back in NYC; it's a real gem.  This is a new song called "Damascus", not on any album yet and one of my personal favorites.  Hanon's work is, as usual, nothing short of gorgeous.

Thursday, March 11

cell phone post #3

Just rolling into Ashville Noth Carolina...been driving all day...we're listening to Chris Rock comedy shows on my iPod...

Saturday, March 6


Sabzi - "the beast from the east" (my big green truck) is now back on the road and oh man I am happy to have him back.  In honor of his resurrection I've christened him with a western name in addition to his persian one to galvanize him as a member of my family of misfits and half-casts (die-casts?): Lazarus.

Chris and I have a few more things to handle in Boston, then we'll be heading south again on monday...

The Resurrection of Lazarus by Vincent van Gogh

Wednesday, March 3

House Concerts and NYC

We've been back in Boston for three days.  I can't explain exactly how it happened (it would take an hour to write down) - but it looks like my truck will be up and running by friday, thanks to my uncle Bill who's a mechanic in Holbrook MA.  I didn't think it was possible - Sabzi the big green Tundra rides again!  We were on the brink of buying a 99 Subaru when we discovered the good news.

The brooklyn show this past Saturday drew a small but devoted crowd including my Cousin Billy, his partner Adam and my friend Hanon.  We had a blast hanging out with them and eating German food (you ever had spatzle?  Don't miss it.)  Earlier that day Hanon shot a three videos of Chris at studios where he works: 2 music videos and 1 short piece of theater that tells people about our house concerts.  Speaking of those, I'm really looking forward to a show I just booked with my buddy Ken Leavitt in New Orleans.  He lives on Avery Island where they make Tabasco sauce and sent us a really warm invitation to come play.

So here's the one about house concerts - another video will be ready soon (Hanon, you kick ass).  I'm editing the other one...don't hold your breath...