Tuesday, March 22

Nary A Rich Gadget, Yet A Love

Just as I was trying to decide what direction to take in the next chapter of this blog...

The trash spoke in that unmistakable voice of intrigue, mystery and stinky grit.  I seem to have stumbled upon a clue to a scavenger hunt of some kind (pictured below).  

I was picking trash around one particular wrought-iron gate when I noticed this slip of paper in a zip lock bag, rubber banded inconspicuously around a lower bar.  I assume this message was intended for a particular person so after making a digital scan I tied it back to the gate whence it came.

So dear readers - here begins the first ever Poet of the Wastes trash puzzle!  Whoever figures out the four names that lead to the next clue will receive a POTW t-shirt (also known as my tour shirt, in brown or light grey with the same logo as my blog.)  If we never actually figure out how to find the next clue (since it seems to claim to lead to a person - who's name might ring a bell with the intended recipient but not to you or me), I'll send a shirt to the first person to have responded with a 4 name guess.