Sunday, October 31


You know how every time you go back to places you knew as a child, they're never the way you remember them?  They're smaller or newer or they smell funny?  They sort of don't exist anymore?  Somehow Buffalo is exactly the same as I left it every time I visit.  I love it.

I'm here visiting my earliest childhood friends, the Baraie's.  Tomorrow, off to my father's house in Seneca Falls, NY.

Here are some beautiful everyday things from Mexico, Guatemala and Belize.

Tuesday, October 19

Fortune Cookie

My fortune cookie today said an important package was going to come in the mail.  I really hope it's an iranian passport.

I'm working on new and half-written songs today here in Dallas.  Uncle Craig has been really good to me - over the weekend we visited (among other things) the Dallas state fair and had our photos taken with a blue ribbon steer.  I learned that antlers molt and grow back but an animal with horns has the same set for life.

My time south of the border is still percolating in my head; I can't help but see things differently here in the United States now that I'm back.  Over a lifetime of living here I have gotten so used to having access to more or less whatever I want or need - and to that being normal.  I am getting a fuller picture that our country is the exception and not the rule.  I'll try to post 4 photos from my trip for the next few posts:

This was a market I especially liked in Mexico City
The green fruit was very like a pomegranite - I forget the name now
Part of a massive Mexico City bakery, way bigger and fancier than usual
Mexico City trashman - the barrel swivels so he can dump it out

In all the countries I visited most people were really skilled at fixing things when they broke and recycling old parts.  I saw a family of 9 drive down the street in a car so old it undulated as if it had several moving parts.  Every computer I used had been somehow frankensteined together.  The incredible ingenuity and resourcefulness was inspiring.  I would like to be a part of a world that wastes less.

Friday, October 15


I'm back in Texas! Here's a slideshow of my last 9 weeks. More to come.